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How to Join Euron

If your institute wishes to join the network, you should send your membership application to the EURON Board by email to . (Only institutes are accepted as EURON members and not individuals.)

Your application should contain the following:
  • Name of your Institute
  • Name and Email of your Contact Person
  • URL of your website, which should demonstrate that your Institute is doing robotics research

If you consult the current membership pages, you can see how this information is used. The Contact Person is the official representation of your Institute, and will be the only one which can take part in decision making procedures within the EURON network.


EURON from April 2008

New Members

If you wish to join the network, you need to send an email application for membership to the EURON Board. Note that individuals cannot become members, only institutes (research groups) are elegible.

More information on the content of your application is given on the Joining EURON page. The EURON Board can be reached by email here:

If you have joined the network, you may find the information gathered in our Welcome to New Members page useful.

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