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Benefits of EURON Membership

EURON was created
  • to provide opportunities for European roboticists to meet each other,
  • to showcase high-quality European research to the rest of the world,
  • to intensify the interactions with the European robotics industry, as well as with the European Commission (the major source of funding for international research projects),
  • to improve the quality and quantity of PhD-level education and training,
  • and to advertise robotics events in Europe.

As a EURON member, you will gain most from your visibility on the EURON website if you keep the information about your research group(s) updated on the members list. Please, send updates to the EURON Board, . In particular, send the proper name of the group and its website URL, and also the contact person's name.

The euron-dist mailing list is the network's most appropriate vehicle to keep people informed about project calls, local and global robotics activities, job opportunities, summer school announcements, etc. You do not have to be a EURON member to join the list. You can register by following the link: https://lists.iais.fraunhofer.de/sympa/info/euron-dist.


EURON from April 2008

New Members

If you wish to join the network, you need to send an email application for membership to the EURON Board. Note that individuals cannot become members, only institutes (research groups) are elegible.

More information on the content of your application is given on the Joining EURON page. The EURON Board can be reached by email here:

If you have joined the network, you may find the information gathered in our Welcome to New Members page useful.

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