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Many bodies, many brains

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European robotics encompasses both traditional and avant-garde robots.

We have robots with legs, robots with wheels, flying robots, and swimming robots, as well as the more familiar fixed robot arms and gantry robots.

We have robots that work amongst people, so have to be particularly safe and reliable.

We have robots that work in unpredictable outdoor environments, and in air-conditioned factories.

We have many robots that learn, and many that don't.

We have many robots that work reliably in many environments — but also, since we are a research network, we have robots that we are improving : trying new techniques and materials, building prototypes or new control systems, not certain whether they will work as predicted, or fail, or even be much better than we expected. This potential is what makes robotics research so exciting.


What EURON is and does, and why

EURON is a community of people with a common interest: robots. It brings together all European robotics groups and resources in academic research, in high-level education, and in industry. EURON aims to demonstrate Europe's world class position in robotics, and being visible is one of the major benefits that EURON membership provides.

You can follow our networking activities on-line via our public mailinglist. Or in person during our Annual Meetings.

Our two basic introductions, What is EURON?, and What is Robotics? are good starting points for those new to EURON and include some nice robot pictures. Our publicity leaflets cover some of the same material, but in more depth and with different pictures.

Descriptions of the many EURON activities need a whole section of their own.

8 legged robot

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