EURON Key Areas

  • Research Coordination:
    • To provide the required mechanisms for coordination of EU research on robotics. The coordination will both be in terms of development of a roadmap for the initiative and through mechanisms that facilitate inter-project cooperation.
    • To initiate a joint programme of research to provide the resources needed to enable pick-up and evaluation of emerging ideas in the field of robotics. The research programme involves sponsorship of prospective research projects, topical research studies and research ateliers.
  • Education and Training: To provide the required training and education efforts to ensure that there is access to the intellectual capital necessary for the execution of the programme and for subsequent industrial exploitation. This part forms an important component of the effort to spread excellence across the community.
  • Industrial Links: To ensure adequate integration between research institutions and European industries. The set up of links to industry is both in terms of maintenance of close ties to existing industries and more importantly exploration of links to new industrial areas in which robotics might play a role in the future. Consequently, links to SMEs are of major importance.
  • Dissemination: To provide the necessary mechanisms for dissemination of information about robotics in Europe. The dissemination effort is in terms of scientific reporting of results from the initiative, and a general press and media service to make the society at large aware of the results originating Beyond Robotics.

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