EURON Key Areas

Education and Training

The aim of the EURON Education and Training Key Area is to unitethe efforts of the whole education robotics community to provide students, educators and robotics researchers with mechanisms for improving robotics education in Europe.

This Key Area promotes and organises several activities, including:

  • EURON Schools, dealing with emergent topics in robotics. These schools are aimed at PhD student level but are open to everyone. Three Schools have been approved so far for summer 2006.
  • The database of teaching materials contains several sections, the contents of which can be used freely as an aid to preparing courses and lectures, or as a source of inspiration for new teaching activities. There are four sections so far: robotics simulators, robotics platforms, robotics videos, and lecture presentations.
  • The Theseuron directory for robotics Ph.D. theses developed in EURON-member Research Centers and Universities provides readers with the most up-to-date research in various areas of robotics, and
  • The European Robotics Courses database is the place to find information about robotics courses currently being offered in any of the EU members states. A course search can be conducted according to different criteria including country, date, or subject. We hope that we can move towards some sort of standardisation of the courses and also towards better course credit transfer possibilities through wider use of ECTS.
  • Encouraging excellence in young researchers by giving an award for the best recent PhD in Europe.

Please both CONTRIBUTE TO and USE these databases!

Robotics for under 18s

This is not a EURON priority, but we have collectedtogether some ideas and links to places we hope are helpful to those teaching robotics to school children.

We also have some information about funding opportunities for schools, if you know of more please tell us.

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