EURON II Deliverables

Year 2 (2006)

DR.1.1 Research Roadmap (v1) UKA
DR.2.2 Doc of Reference datasets UJI
DR.2.3 Doc of Research Benchmarks (v2) UJI
DR.3.2 Minutes of 2nd coordination meeting KTH
DR.4.3 Results of research proposals Year 2 KTH
DR.5.2 Webbook / Teaching Material UPC
DR.6.2 1st recommended robotics curricula (delayed) UPC
DR.6.3 Inventory of Robotics Education in Europe UPC
DR.7.3 Summer Schools Organised Year 2 EPFL
DR.8.2 Announcement of winners of PhD Award Year 2 UPC
DR.9.2 Summary of Year 2 STAR Volumes UNINA
DR.10.1 Statistics on web usage and structure SDU
DR.11.4 Revised EURON Information Package UNINA
DR.11.5 Updated beyond robotics information package UNINA
DR.11.6 Collection of Year 2 IEEE RAM Columns UNINA
DR.12.3 EUROP Collaboration Agreement IPA
DR.12.4 Contribution to World Robotics 2005 IPA
DR.13.2 Robot Automation Industry meets Robotics Research (see PAR) IPA
DR.13.3 Service Robotics Industry meets Robotics Research (see PAR) IPA
DR.14.1 White paper on "industrial robot automation" IPA
DR.14.2 White paper on "service robotics" IPA
DR.15.1 Tech Transfer Award Year 2 IPA
DR.17.3 Internal Evaluation Activities KTH
DR.17.7 Periodic Management Report - Year 2 (delivered directly to CEC) KTH
DR.17.8 Minutes of 3rd board meeting KTH
DR.17.9 Periodic Activity Report - Year 2 KTH
DR.17.10 Annual report on EURON - Year 2 (COMBINED WITH DR.17.9) KTH
DR.17.11 Minutes of 4th board meeting (combined with DR.3.2) KTH
DR.18.2 Proceedings from EURON Annual Meeting Year 2 KTH
DR.19.1 Proceedings from EUROS-06 (book hand delivered) KTH
DR.20.1 Minutes of 1st intl. coop. meeting CNRS-LAAS
DR.21.1 Report on Gender Action Year 2 KTH
DR.22.1 Special Interest Groups Year 2 KUL

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