EURON/EUnited Robotics Technology Transfer Award

for innovations arising from cooperation between

academia and industry

The EURON/EUnited Robotics Technology Transfer Award was created in 2003 in order to improve the quality of robotics research and to raise the profile of technology transfer between science and industry. The Award is presented annually at the EURON Annual Meetings. Latest Press release.

Here is the Call for the 2009 Award.

EUnited Robotics acts as platform for manufacturers and system integrators of robotics in Europe. It represents the robotics industries' voice and is committed to increasing the competitiveness of European robotics and expanding their market.

Cooperation with industry benefits academic researchers byproviding real-world problems with known, often tight, constraints; and access to a realistic testbed and to the machinery expected to successfully solve the problem. Industry has experience in polishing and refining projects into something with commercial potential.

Cooperation with academics benefits industry by providing access to a wide range of highly motivated researchers with problem solving experience. Each problem to be solved can be taken to a leading expert in that field without the costs normally associated with such high-quality outside consultancy.

The EURON/erf Technology Transfer Award rewardsoutstanding innovations in robot technology and automation arising from cooperation between academic researchers and industry. The initiative can have come from either end — either industry going to a university with a problem to be solved; or a university project with real potential looking for expertese in the marketing process.


CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of the fifth Technology Transfer Award: Nicola Canelli and G. Teti of Robo Tech for "I-Droid01: a Programmable Humanoid Robot for Edutainment Robotics".

Congratulations also to the two runners up: the Bluebotics team represented by Nicola Tomatis for "ANT®: Autonomous Navigation Technology"; and the team from Lund represented by Henrik Kihlman for "Cost-effective Drilling using IR with High-bandwidth Force Feedback".

Details of the first, second, third and fourth Technology Transfer Award Winners.

The three winners, left to right: Henrik Kihlman (Delfoi); Nicola Tomatis (BlueBotics); Nicola Canelli (RoboTech).
In background, left to right: Roland Siegwart (ETH); Herman Bruyninckx (KUL); Stefan Sagert (Eunited Robotics); Martin Hägele (IPA); Rainer Bischoff (KUKA); Gisbert Lawitzky (Siemens).


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