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EURON schools bring together the latest research in specialisttopics in robotics. EURON Schools promote excellence by exposing students to international-quality teaching and methodology, to many new ideas, and to criticism from peers. They create resources and invest in the future by encouraging, supporting, and stimulating the young researchers of today to create a strong research environment in the future. They also promote the exchange of knowledge and viewpoints between academic students and those attendees sent by industry.
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EURON Summer/Winter Schools are probably the most efficient way to make most recent expert knowledge accessible to students and industrial researchers. Schools are therefore a core element in EURON's educational program.

The schools are pitched at early PhD student level, but are open to all.

Do read about our previous Schools from 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, and the first two years.

EURON Schools are coordinated under the umbrella of the EURON Education key area and organized by individuals and interest groups. A yearly budget of 45 kEuro is reserved to sponsor 4-5 EURON Schools per year. The teaching material of the EURON Schools is made available to future use not only for the participants of the school but also for the rest of the robotics community.

Calls for EURON Summer Schools come out each year in January. Calls for EURON Winter Schools come out in May.

If you feel inspired, please consider organising a EURON-sponsored School in your area. For further information don't hesitate to contact the EURON Schools coordinator, Roland Siegwart ().

Information about other summer/winter schools that we are told about have their own page.


Upcoming Schools

EURON Schools

... are temporarily "on hold" due to changes in funding. We expect them to continue, so hopefully there will be a new Call soon.

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