Research Roadmap

Laying out priorities and focus for research

One major product of the original EURON was a robotics research roadmap designed to clarify opportunities for developing and employing advanced robot technology over the next 10 - 20 years (2002 to 2022). The document provides a comprehensive review of state of the art in robotics, identifies the major obstacles to progress, and discusses various approaches for alleviating these problems with reference to a set of concrete "man-on-the-moon" projects. The document then goes on to consider the theoretical and technological advances required to implement the intended robotic systems.

This work is still ongoing as the EURON community seeks to map out the practical next steps on the road to the sometimes distant goals proposed in the research roadmap. Part of the purpose of this is to focus both our own minds and those of EU and other funding bodies in particular directions expected to be fruitful. The field of applications is very wide.

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The current state of the roadmap can be seen on


Getting Involved

We hope that you will get involved in many of EURON's activities and encourage others to do so as well.

Attend Meetings

Attending meetings is an excellent way of making contacts and friends within the community. The Annual Meetings are the major instrument for this purpose.


A lot of things are happening all the time in the European robotics community: conferences and workshops are being organised, projects are starting, job offers are announced, etc. The EURON mailing list is the place-to-be for all your communications around these topics.

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