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Tri-monthly column

EURON has a regular tri-monthly column in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM), an official publication of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), and several RAS special issues have been produced. RAM has a large international audience of researchers and practitioners (10,000 copies) and a high impact ratio.

Columns produced so far include:
Mar 08
Summary of EURON II
Dec 07
Special Interest Groups
Sep 07
Support for Research
Jun 07
Annual Meeting 2007
Mar 07
Interview with EURON's new coordinator, Herman Bruyninckx
Dec 06
EUROP Technology Platform
Sep 06
Jun 06
Summer Schools
Mar 06
EUROS + EURON Call 3 + IST Call 6 Advanced Robotics
Dec 05
EUROP Technology Platform
Sep 05
Funded Prospective Research Projects (PRP), Research Ateliers (RA), and Topical Research Studies (TRS)
Jun 05
Report on annual meeting in Warsaw, including Technology Transfer Award and PhD Thesis Award
Mar 05
New robotics related initiatives for FP6 Research and Technological Development
Dec 04
Integrated Projects (IP) COGNIRON, I-SWARM, NEUROBOTICS funded under Beyond Robotics
Sep 04
EURON/ERF Technology Transfer Award
Dec 03
EURON Schools


Getting Involved

We hope that you will get involved in many of EURON's activities and encourage others to do so as well.

Attend Meetings

Attending meetings is an excellent way of making contacts and friends within the community. The Annual Meetings are the major instrument for this purpose.


A lot of things are happening all the time in the European robotics community: conferences and workshops are being organised, projects are starting, job offers are announced, etc. The EURON mailing list is the place-to-be for all your communications around these topics.

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