European Robotics Symposium

EUROS was started in 2006 as a reponse to demands for a high quality scientific event to present the best research on robotics across applications and topics. The EURON annual meeting serves to bring the European Robotics community together, but it has primarily been a networking event to discuss community issues rather than a scientific event. By contrast, EUROS will aim to match the tradition of other strong European meetings such as ECAI, ECCV, ECC, etc.

EUROS will be organised every two years at European locations. While it is named the European Robotics Symposium we very much encourage submissions of high-quality, original research from researchers throughout the world. To encourage broad involvement, the programme committee is composed of 2/3 European researchers and 1/3 prominent representatives from other regions.

The first EUROS took place during March 2006 in Palermo, Italy. EUROS-06 was single track with high quality research presented orally or as posters. The proceedings were published as volume 22 of the Springer STAR series. Around 155 people attended.

EUROS-08 will take place in Prague from March 26–28. 2008 marks the end of the FET "Beyond Robotics" and the start of "Advanced Robotics", so many projects should be complete and new ones taking their place. [ Leaflet. ]

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Getting Involved

We hope that you will get involved in many of EURON's activities and encourage others to do so as well.

Attend Meetings

Attending meetings is an excellent way of making contacts and friends within the community. The Annual Meetings are the major instrument for this purpose.


A lot of things are happening all the time in the European robotics community: conferences and workshops are being organised, projects are starting, job offers are announced, etc. The EURON mailing list is the place-to-be for all your communications around these topics.

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