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EURON is a shorthand for "EUropean RObotics research Network". It is the community of more than 230 academic and industrial groups in Europe with a common interest in doing advanced research and development to make better robots.

During 2012, and especially since the foundation of the euRobotics AISBL. EURON and its industrial sister network EUROP have been merging their activities and organisations. The goal is to provide, together, a much stronger, sustainable and visible face to European robotics than both could do on their own. The EURON pages are not updated anymore, so visitors are invited to surf to the euRobotics website!


2013 Georges Giralt PhD Award

The Call for the 2013 Georges Giralt PhD Award has reached its deadline of 31st December, 2012. It resulted in 37 submissions; three finalists have been selected, and are invited to present a summary of their PhD work on the upcoming European Robotics Forum in Lyon, on March 20, 2013.

2012 Georges Giralt PhD Award

The Call for the 2012 Georges Giralt PhD Award has reached its deadline of 31st December, 2011.
It resulted in 35 submissions. After two review rounds the first four
candidates were selected as finalists, presenting a summary of their PhD
work on the upcoming European Robotics Forum in Odense, on March 6, 2012. Sami Haddadin was the eventual winner of the 2012 Award.

19.Christian David Remy Optimal Exploitation of Natural Dynamics in Legged Locomotion
7.Sami Haddadin Towards Safe Robots: Approaching Asimov’s 1st Law
32.Calogero Oddo A BioRobotic approach towards Artificial Touch
23.Juergen Sturm Approaches to Probabilistic Model Learning for Mobile Manipulation Robots
1.Ramón González Sánchez Contributions to Modelling and Control of Mobile Robots in Off-Road Conditions
2.Cesar Dario Cadena Lerma Efficient Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping in Large and Complex Environments
3.Alexander Schmitz A Distributed Tactile System for Humanoid Robot Hands
4.Júlia Borràs Sol Singularity-Invariant Leg Rearrangements in Stewart-Gough Platforms
5.Cristina Urdiales Collaborative assistive robot for mobility enhancement (CARMEN)
6.Matteo Laffranchi Development of an Anthropomorphic Manipulator powered by novel Variable Impedance Actuators
8.Michel Franken Control of haptic interaction: an energy-based approach
9.Paulo André Nobre Rosa Multiple-Model Adaptive Control of Uncertain LPV Systems
10.Ester Martínez Martín Computer Vision Methods for Robot Tasks: Motion Detection, Depth Estimation and Tracking
11.Tamás Haidegger Theory and Method to Enhance Computer-Integrated Surgical Systems
12.Bruno Vilhena Adorno Two-arm Manipulation: From Manipulators to Enhanced Human-Robot Collaboration
13.Armagan Elibol Efficient Topology Estimation for Large Scale Optical Mapping
14.Jesús Capitán Fernández Decentralized Cooperation for Active Perception with Multiple Robots
15.Héctor Manuel Becerra Fermín Unifying vision and control for mobile robots
16.Pedro Xavier Miranda La Hera Underactuated Mechanical Systems: Contributions to trajectory planning, analysis, and control
17.Luis Puig Omnidirectional multi-view systems: calibration, features and 3D information
18.Juan Antonio Corrales Ramón Safe Human-Robot Interaction based on Multi-Sensor Fusion and Dexterous Manipulation Planning
20.Moritz Tenorth Knowledge Processing for Autonomous Robots
21.Alexander Huentemann Probabilistic human-robot navigation - Plan Recognition, User Modelling and Shared Control for Robotic Wheelchairs
22.Felipe Belo Isn’t Appearance Enough?
24.Paolo Salaris From Optimal Synthesis to Optimal Visual Servoing for Autonomous Vehicles
25.Lars Dalgaard Rational System-level Design Methodology for Autonomous Robotic Systems
26.Jeannette Bohg Multi-Modal Scene Understanding for Robotic Grasping
27.Javier Romero From Human to Robot Grasping
28.Kristoffer Sjöö Functional understanding of space
29.Slawomir Grzonka Mapping, State Estimation, and Navigation for Quadrotors and Human-Worn Sensor Systems
30.Wilm Decré Optimization-Based Robot Programming with Application to Human-Robot Interaction
31.Szymon Kostrzewski A Robotic System for Cervical Spine Surgery
33.Markus Rickert Efficient Motion Planning for Intuitive Task Execution in Modular Manipulation Systems
34.Nicola Vitiello The neuro-robotics paradigm
35.Andrzej Pronobis Semantic Mapping with Mobile Robots

The reward will be given to the winner(s) at the occasion of the European Robotics Forum, in Odense, Denmark, on March 6 2012. The selection of the finalists will be announced mid-February 2012, and these finalists are expected to give a 20 minutes presentation of their research at the Forum, since part of the Award evaluation will be done on the basis of that oral presentation.

The jury of this event consists of the following members: Sarthak Misra, Geert De Cubber, Fabio Bonsignorio, Krzysztof Kozlowski, Paolo Rocco, Catalin Buiu, Giuseppina Gini, Jose A. Castellanos, Daniele Nardi, Alessandro Saffiotti, Aydan Erkmen, Jorge Dias, Angel P. del Pobil, Gerhard Kraetzschmar, Herman Bruyninckx.

European Robotics Forum 2012

Our annual gathering of academic and industrial researchers in robotics will be held in Odense, Denmark, March 5 to 7, 2012. Stay tuned!

European Robotics Forum 2011

In 2011, the Annual Meeting of EURON was held in Västerås, Sweden, on 6, 7 and 8 April, 2011. With respect to previous editions, the event was renamed in European Robotics Forum, reflecting the fact that it is a gathering for all robotics professionals in Europe, academic as well as industrial, and that it wants to be the major event in Europe to let those professionals discuss, exchange information, and network.

The event was an unexpected success, after the amazing premiere in 2010, in San Sebastian: we counted about 350 participants on-site, 42 workshops and 6 plenaries were organised, lots and lots of enthusiasm was vibrating throughout the event, and the local organisation from RobotDalen approached perfection. For the first time in the 10 years of Annual Meetings, there were 50 or so PhD students present, and they are responsible for the organisation of a significant amount of the workshops. This bodes well for the future of the robotics network in Europe.

At the Forum's banquet, the organizer of the 2012 European Robotics Forum was announced: we wish the Danish Techological Institute in Odense the best of luck with their organization. We hope to see you all in Hans Christian Andersen's town in Spring 2012! Stay tuned.

2011 Georges Giralt PhD Award

The Call for the 2011 Georges Giralt PhD Award received 31 submissions! The following three candidates have been selected as the finalists: Radu Bogdan Rusu, Mario Prats, and Michaël Van Damme. Congratulations!

After the presentations of all three finalists at the European Robotics Forum, Mario Prats was selected as the winner. Congratulations! (Read more.)

euRobotics Tech Transfer Award 2011

The award was won by the DLR-KUKA team, for the technology transfer behind KUKA's Light-Weight Robot.

2010 EURON/EUROP Annual Meeting, San Sebastian, Spain

The EURON/EUROP Annual Meeting of 2010 was held in San Sebastian, Spain, from March 10 to 12. This was the first time in the history of European robotics that the academic and industrial robotics networks hold their Annual Meeting together. The event drew a (by far) record-breaking total of more than 250 participants, and was very inspiring and successful.

The 2010 Georges Giralt PhD Award was won by Ludovic Righetti from EPFL, with a thesis entitled Control of Legged Locomotion using Dynamical Systems: Design Methods and Adaptive Frequency Oscillators.
The other finalists were Eris Chinellato, Angelika Peer, Christian Plagemann, and Davide Scaramuzza.

Welcome to new members

The benefits of EURON membership are rather obvious, so the network has been able to attract a very large majority of the robotics research groups in Europe, but new members are still popping up all the time.
EURON II stopped accepting new members on Jan 20th (towards the end of the EC-funded period). But EURON 3 accepts new members again. For the time being, the requirements to join remain as simple and clear as they were in the past: (i) only institutes can become EURON member, (ii) the institute must have a Research & Development activity in robotics, and (iii) it must provide information about a website URL and a contact person.

Reach our members via broadcast emailing

Information can be broadcast via euron-dist, a moderated mailing list for general announcements related to robotics, such as conferences, tables of contents or special issues of robotics journals, job offers, etc. To receive these emails, sign up to the mailing list; you can use the same link to look at the archive of previous messages. (The list is manually moderated, so the bad news is that you can expect some delay in seeing your message appear. The good news is that the list has been 100% spam-free since many years.)

EURON 3: a new EURON from May 2008

The European Commission sponsored the EURON network (EURON I and EURON II) till the end of April 2008. Since then, EURON 3 continues on the momentum that it gained during almost a decade of networking. A new Board was elected, and that Board is now preparing the activities and policies for the coming years.


EURON gratefully acknowledges the financial support that it received till April 2008 from the Unit Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics of the European Commission. Also after the EC funding ended, the communication and cooperation with the EC continues on a regular and constructive basis.


The information on these pages has been sent in by the EURON community. EURON is responsible for neither the accuracy nor the completeness of this information.

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